Elsa Smart Insulin Pen

CAD, Electronics, Programming, Rapid Prototyping

During PennApps, my roommates and I came up and implemented the concept of a smart insulin and called it Elsa. We started at 7pm on Friday night fleshing out the idea and by 10pm we each started to work on one of the three key components of the project. Ben worked on developing the iOS app, Ajay on integrating app with the microcontroller, and I worked on the design and fabrication of the electro-mechanical device.

Project Description

Elsa is a end-to-end solution that helps diabetics manage their insulin injection schedule – it includes both a smart insulin pen and a companion app. The companion app pulls blood glucose data from from blood glucose meter APIs to maintain a complete picture of the patient’s blood glucose levels. With this data, we are able to be predictive about the amount of insulin the patient needs to take. When the patient wants to inject insulin, they can use our recommended amount or change it, and they simply click a button on the smart pen to administer the insulin (no longer do patients have to fiddle with dials on their insulin pens). The smart pen retrieves the amount to inject from the smartphone app and administers the correct amount of insulin.

Team Members

Ben Hsu, Ajay Patel

Materials Used

ABS, Acrylic, PLA, M2 Microcontroller, Perfboard, Delrin, Assorted Passive Components, 10cc Syringe, Hypodermic needle, micro gearmotor

Project Duration

36 Hours


September 2016


PennApps XIV Top-10