Infinity Pong Table


This was a table that I spearheaded with my pledge class while pledging the Delta Sigma Pi Professional Fraternity at Penn. As with many pledge classes we were tasked with building a pong table that would be presented to the brotherhood, but after seeing repetitive examples of beer stained plywood tables made by other fraternities I wanted to make something different that would wow others.

Inspiration for this table was drawn from an earlier DIY Reddit post, but lacking the electronics skills at the time and constrained by an incredibly busy schedule, cost, and material availability, we made the table with what we could find in just a week with a combined budget of $350. Most of the cost was allocated to the tools and transportation fees to the hardware store. The actual cost of all of the materials used was around $150 (Wood, plexiglass, glass mirror, rope lights, a window mirroring kit, and paint).

The effect was achieved by sandwiching the rope lights between the permanent glass mirror and the one-way mirror made from the plexi-glass covered by the thin metallic film included in the window mirroring kit. A door, “found” in the basement of some building on campus was used as the base surface of the table. The permanent mirror was secured to the recessed surface at the center of the door, rope lights were hot glued on the perimeter of the recess with the wiring threaded through the hole in which the door handle used to be, and the one-way plexiglass mirror was secured on top, covering the entire surface of the table. The ends of the table were extended to allow room for cup placement and painted before covered by plexiglass.

The final result was a visually impressive and functional infinity pong table that can be easily cleaned and maintanted. It has currently seen use at nearly every DSP party since its completion.

Approximate Cost


Materials Used

Salvaged Door, Wood, Plexi-glass, Mirror, Rope Light, Paint, Folding Table, Hot Glue, Window Mirroring kit

Tools Used

Power Drill, Hand Saw, Plexi-glass Cutter


February 2014

Project Duration

10 Days