Robockey Bots

CAD, Electronics, Programming, Rapid Prototyping

This was the final project in which the skills learned from the previous projects culminated into this monster undertaking. Our team of four individuals were tasked with creating a team of three robots that were capable of playing robot hockey in a tournament of over 20 teams.

We kicked off the project with a number of brainstorming sessions, in which we came up with the strategy of building two attack midfielders and a specially designed goalie robot. Originally we also had planned for a fourth robot nicknamed “RampBot” which would be designed to flip other robots during gameplay, but unfortunately due to the extreme time and material constraints, the robot was scrapped after the prototyping phase.

We had a diversity of expertise on the team that we leveraged during the project. Prithvish and I were in charge of designing and building the two attack midfielders, Anna with the goalie, and Alex with the code.

Below is a special time-lapse of Prithvish (black shirt) and I (white shirt) building one of the midfielders. The entire sequence spanned a total of 90 minutes, but the preparation of parts and materials prior required a combined 120 man-hours.


November - December 2014

Project Duration

1 Month

Tools Used

Oscilloscope, DC Power Source, Atmel Studio, Laser Cutter, Solder Iron, Desolder Sucker, Drill Press

Materials Used

ABS, Acrylic, PLA, M2 Microcontroller, Perfboard, Delrin, Assorted Passive Components, Solenoid, Multiplexer Circuit

Team Members

Anna Brill, Prithvish Gowda, Phil Hu, Alex McCraw